Welcome to the Rising Sun Judo Club, we started in 1990, we are a registered member of the British Judo Association (BJA), and run under BJA rules. The BJA is the only official national governing body for Judo in the United Kingdom. ​

"We believe in leading from the front, showing both technical and working judo. If you have any questions, please talk to any of us. We run the club for our members benefit, not profit."

The BJA is affiliated to the Sports Council, the British Olympic Association, the European Judo Union and the International Judo Federation. 

The British Judo Council (BJC) and the Amateur Judo Association (AJA) are affiliated to the British Judo Association, and are the only other recognised judo organisations in the UK 


Session Costs

As discussed above we don't run the judo club for profit, the coaches are volunteers however we do need to cover the cost of running the club such as renting the venue, buying judo mats, coaching courses etc.                                                

If you are new to judo for your first 12 sessions you'll be on the mat in the beginner time slot (see bottom). After that we ask for fees to be paid monthly by standing order.

A senior is someone who is 16 or older and first session is free! 

Prices for the 2nd to 12th Sunday Session:

1 Junior                £5.00 per session

1 Senior               £5.00 per session

Family discounts for 2nd to 12th Sessions:

2 Juniors               £7.50 per session

1 Senior 1 junior   £7.50 per session

2 Seniors              £7.50 per session

(Discounts apply to family members only)

Prices for 13th session and after (Monthly Standing order):

1 Junior £30 per month

1 Senior £40 per month 

Family discounts for 2nd to 12th Sessions:

1 Senior 1 Junior £40 per month

For Wednesday sessions (additional session only)

£20 per month

Additional Costs

BJA Judo Licence

You will need to buy a licence from British Judo, which provides insurance. It is normal to buy this after about 4 weeks. In 2020 a years junior licence is £29, and a years senior is £40. 


You cannot attain any grade without a licence, and each grade is registered with British Judo. There is a system of grades, starting with white for a novice, red for a licensed player, then yellow,orange, green, blue and brown.  After that come 5 grades of black, 3 of red and white, and 2 of red.  Your grade denotes your ability and your technical skill. At beginner level, the syllabus is simple, but it builds grade by grade and with combinations of moves, increasing the skill level of the player.

Judo Suits (Gis)

For most players, a lightweight training suit is adequate. These vary in price according to size from £18-£30. We have a small stock and can advise you on size and shrinkage. They must be washed regularly for hygiene reasons


Beginners session on

Sundays only

16:30 - 17:30

Juniors on Sundays

16:30 – 17:30

Seniors on Sundays

16:30 – 18:00


(additional session )

19:45 – 21:15

Sundays: Worthing Leisure Centre

Shaftsbury Avenue



BN12 4ET

WednesdaysThe Ashington Centre
Foster Lane
West Sussex
RH20 3PG

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CONTACT:  Risingsunjudoclub@Gmail.Com or see "Contact Us"page