The House Of The Rising Sun
The House Of The Rising Sun

Kata Course
Kata Course

Club attending Kata Course
Club attending Kata Course

The House Of The Rising Sun
The House Of The Rising Sun


We return to judo on 6th June. We have vacancies for new players, but due to Covid restrictions we cannot welcome new players until 23rd June. Anyone wanting to try judo should contact us in the meantime and we will start a waiting list, and send you some details

Welcome to the Rising Sun Judo Club, we started in 1990, we are a registered member of the British Judo Association (BJA), and run under BJA rules. The BJA is the only official national governing body for Judo in the United Kingdom. ​

"We believe in leading from the front, showing both technical and working judo. If you have any questions, please talk to any of us. We run the club for our members benefit, not profit."

The BJA is affiliated to the Sports Council, the British Olympic Association, the European Judo Union and the International Judo Federation. 

The British Judo Council (BJC) and the Amateur Judo Association (AJA) are affiliated to the British Judo Association, and are the only other recognised judo organisations in the UK 


Where Do We Train and How much is it?

SUNDAYS: The Studio, Worthing Leisure Centre, Shaftesbury Avenue, Worthing BN12 4ET

WEDNESDAYS: Ashington Community Centre, Foster Lane, Ashington RH20 3PG


All beginners start on a Sunday. Each week when you rebook for the next session, we will ask you to prepay.

For some younger players, a 90 minute session is inappropriate due to the standard of judo in the last 30 minutes, so we will continue a 60 minute session by standing order only until they are ready for  90 minutes.

Graded Players

We continue the pay as you play system for seniors only,  who either have shift work or are “on call” because of their work and cannot control their attendance.

Please note, the standing orders allow for holidays, and continue for the times we are shut, i.e. Christmas, and any other absences by you. We will also deal individually with players who are signed off for periods in excess of 2 months due to injury.

Wednesday Sessions


By the end of the 4th session for juniors and by the end of the 12th session for seniors,   we expect you to be ready and able to take your first grading.  Each belt is a mark of your achievement and signifies your ability. You will need to buy a licence from British Judo before you grade, and this provides insurance cover and can be done online and paid by card. A new licence in 2021 is £31 for a junior and £42 for a senior.


The grading fee in 2021 is £14 for juniors and £20 for seniors.


You will need to buy your own judo suit, and we have a stock of these and can advise you on sizes and shrinkage, and a training grade quality judo suit is from £20 to £30 depending on size.