Who will be there?

We currently run a combined class for juniors and seniors. We may split the class again at some future date.   We therefore have to teach on different levels, catering from novice to black belt. 

What will we do?

An example session would be a warm up, then we cover a groundwork move and a throw.  The throw each week is covered in basic form, then in a number of combinations.

Beginners Sessions

For beginners, there is an induction period of your first 12 sessions.  During this time, we will help you to walk properly, how to grip a persons jacket, how to fall safely, and very basic gentle techniques.  After 12 weeks, you'd likely to be able to join up techniques as a combination move, but everyone learns at their own pace. 

What is expected?

You should expect from us...:

  • To learn competitive judo.  

  • To teach you a range of skills to a level that you want to reach.

  • To provide individual help and learning in a group.

  • If you decide to enter competitions and win medals, you should expect our support both in specific additional training for you and at events.

  • To practice with our higher grade seniors as they will always help and encourage you. 

We expect from you...:

  • We expect as regular attendance as possible, its very hard for us to help you reach your goals if you're not there.

  • We expect your attention when on the mat.

  • We expect good behavior from you.

  • We expect self control from you - if you try to throw someone without sufficient control, you are just as likely to hurt yourself as well as the person you throw.  

  • We expect you to keep your judo suit and your hands and feet clean and keep your fingernails and toenails short.

  • We expect you to bow when stepping on and off the mat, and to your partner before and after a practice with them.  This is basic judo etiquette and good manners.

  • We expect you to put your shoes on if you leave the mat - no one wants the dirt from your feet on the mat.  

  • We expect you to try your best.   

  • And lastly we expect you to enjoy it - judo is a hard sport but it has to be fun for you as well.